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The quality of our work is a reflection of our values

01. Commercial Property

        Roofing Systems 

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02. Multi-unit/Rental Property Roofing Applications

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03. Residential Property

About Us

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The quality of our work is a reflection of our values

We take our vision very seriously as it transcends from our own experience in the insurance industry to the way we approach our work in the roofing industry.  The standards we uphold for ourselves through our vision encompass all individuals with whom we partner including manufacturers, sub-contractors and installers. Our Mission is to earn the trust and respect of our clients by providing the highest quality products and expert craftsmanship on every job. We look forward to meeting you and finding the best roofing solution to meet your needs.

Roofing Solutions


Our experience includes applications in various innovative roofing products and seamless logistics for product acquisition. We also have widespread relationships with expert industry installers, which allows us to offer outstanding warranties with major roofing manufacturers.

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Whether your home needs a new roof by choice or chance, we are here to help.  Many roofing contractors  claim to be insurance experts.  At Cove Construction, we have extensive direct experience within the insurance industry including property claims adjusting and agency operations, as well as homeowner policy and contractor liability insurance expertise.   ​

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